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Y Normalerweise ungefährlicher Autorun.
N Nicht erforderlich, kann aber gestartet werden.
U Benutzerabhängig. Kann bei Bedarf gestartet werden.
X Definitiv nicht erforderlich. Normalerweise Malware.
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24133 Autoruns gefunden. Autorun 17801 bis 17900:

StatusAutorun nameAufruf Beschreibung
USWClientswclient.exeStealth Watcher surveillance software. Uninstall this software unless you put it there yourself
Xswcrootswcroot.exeAdded by the SOLENO-A TROJAN!
USWdwinwd.exePC Security™ from Tropical Software - "is the ultimate in computer security, offering multiple locking systems for the windows environment and internet. Lock files, monitor programs activities, even detect intruders!"
YSweep95ICLOAD95.EXEPart of an older version of Sophos anti-virus software
YSweep95SETUP.EXEPart of an older version of Sophos anti-virus software
NSweetIMSweetIM.exevSweetIM - send fancier smiley-faces and IM graphics to friends who are using MSN Messenger. They are only able to see these advanced smiley-faces if they also have SweetIM installed
XSwf32AVupdate.exeAdded by the MERKUR.E WORM!
XSwf32_backup.exeAdded by the SYMTEN WORM!
UswgGoogleToolbarNotifier.exePart of Google Toolbar (from version 4 onwards) for IE. "Google Toolbar Notifier allows you to set Google as your default search engine and prevents your search settings from being changed without your consent. An icon in your system tray blinks if the Notifier identifies an attempt to change your default search engine. You can click the icon to get more details and allow the change". There was a bug in earlier versions where disabling the option resulted in the entry still running at startup but this has now been resolved
XSwiftCleanerSwiftCleanerScanner.exeSwiftCleaner rogue cleaning utility - not recommended, removal instructions here
XSwimSuitNetworkSwimSuitNetwork.exeAdvertising spyware
USwitch Offswoff.exeSwitch Off - tray-based system utility that can automatically perform various frequently used operations like shutdown or restart your computer, disconnect your current dialup connection, lock workstation, etc
NSwitchBoardSwitchBoard.exePart of both stand-alone Adobe CS5 products (such as Photoshop) and suites. "SwitchBoard makes it possible for AIR stand-alone applications to work with Creative Suite applications. Whilst testing, it would appear that this entry can be safely disabled as it will be loaded when required but if you experience problems try re-enabling it. There is also a Switchboard service using the same file which forwards messages between AIR and CS applications
NSwitchboard.com ToolbarAtHoc.exeToolbar for the on-line version of Yellow Pages in the US - Switchboard.com
USwitchDeskSwitchDesk.exePowerUp SwitchDesk - virtual desktop manager which allows "you have the possibility to launch games, working and development applications, office and entertainment software on multiple desktops to bring order to your system". Part of Ashampoo® PowerUp XP Platinum 2 from Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
USwitcherSwitcher.exe"On a Sony laptop with built in wireless it allows the user to select which wireless services they want to run (i.e. Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, both) when turning the wireless switch on if disabled)"
Xswitpswitpa.exeOfferAgent adware
USWLrundll32.exe [path] SWL.dll rdlStealthWeblog surveillance software. Uninstall this software unless you put it there yourself! Note that rundll32.exe is a legitimate Microsoft file used to launch DLL file types and shouldn't be deleted
USWN2swnxt.exeSpyware remover by TrekBlue. Previously not recommended but the latest version was delisted here
Xsws.exe[random filename]Haldex type adult content dialler
Xsws.exegd-dial.exeGlobaldialer adult content premium rate dialer
NSwTraySWTRAY.EXEMS SideWinder game controller system tray icon. Available via Start -> Programs. May have the version number after it
NSWTrayV4SWTrayV4.exeMS SideWinder game controller system tray icon. This is specific to version 4 of the software. Available via Start -> Programs
USwyxIt!SwyxIt!.exePC Based soft phone from Swyx - see here for more details
USX Virtual LinkConnect.exeSX Virtual Link from Silex Technology America, Inc. Utility to connect USB devices
NsXe InjectedsXe Injected.exesXe Injected anti-cheat system client/server for Half-Life server based games that prevents cheat programs being loaded
UsXe InjectedsXe Injected.exeAnti-cheat system for servers and clients running the Half Life series of games (such as Counter Strike and Day of Defeat) which prevents any cheat programs being loaded
?SXGDSENUsxgdsenu.exeYamaha SXG soundcard driver
NSxgTkBarsxgtkbar.exeYamaha SXG soundcard utility - gives quick and easy access via the system tray bar to diagnostics and configuration
?Sxplogsxpstub.exePart of CA Unicenter Software Delivery - manage software across various systems, from desktops and servers to PDAs and mobile phones, in a controlled and standardized way - is it required at startup?
Xsxrrvsxrrv.pifAdded by the VAX-A TROJAN!
Xsys2.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!
USybaseCentral43scjview.exeRelated to SQL Anywhere from Sybase. A comprehensive package providing data management and data exchange technologies
XSyBot v2.1 By Sky-DancerHPSV.exeAdded by the ZOTOB.I WORM!
XSYDNEY[file path]Added by the SYNEY WORM!
XsyelimS-esreveR-troppuS[filename]Added by the LITBOT.C BACKDOOR!
XSyesmSyesm.exeAdded by the BUZUS WORM!
XSyga432te Pe432rsonal FirewallMrNo4236.exeAdded by the RBOT-AQY WORM!
XSygaete Personal FirewallSyGate.exeAdded by the RBOT-GLX WORM!
XSygate Peral FirewallSyga.exeAdded by the RBOT-AQK WORM!
XSygate Personal 3svrv.exeAdded by the RBOT-XD WORM!
XSygate Personal BlockStudio.exeAdded by the RBOT-TW WORM!
XSygate Personal FirewallWin32x.exeAdded by the RBOT-KZ WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallsystem32.exeAdded by the RBOT.VI WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallsysgut.exeAdded by the SDBOT.WM WORM!
XSygate Personal FirewallSygate.exeAdded by the RBOT-PN WORM!
XSygate Personal FirewallMcafeeupdate.exeAdded by the RBOT.YN WORM!
XSygate Personal FirewallSygate32.exeAdded by the RBOT.ATW WORM!
XSygate Personal FirewallMSNSRV32.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallservice.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallt1ktik.exeAdded by the RBOT-VP WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallhost32.exeAdded by the RBOT.ALD WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallsexy.exeAdded by the RBOT-XY WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallsys.exeAdded by the RBOT-ZC WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallsyserror.exeAdded by the RBOT.UC WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallhostserv.exeAdded by the RBOT.BKO WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallmsnmsgrs.exeAdded by the RBOT.XN WORM!
XSygate Personal FirewallSygat.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallwins.exeAdded by the RBOT.AOB WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallwinxpstat.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!
XSygate Personal FirewallSyga.exeAdded by the RBOT-AQD WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallsvchots.exeAdded by the RBOT.ABT WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewallwin31243.exeAdded by a variant of the IRCBOT TROJAN!
XSygate Personal Firewallsmc.exeAdded by the RBOT-AZY WORM! Note - this is not the valid (but now discontinued) Sygate Personal Firewall which has the same filename and is normally located in %ProgramFiles%\Sygate\SPF. This one is located in %System%
YSygate Personal Firewallsmc.exeSygate Personal Firewall - now discontinued
XSygate Personal Firewall Startservices32.exeAdded by the RBOT-MB WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewall Startservic.exeAdded by the RBOT-RY WORM!
XSygate Personal Firewall Startupmsdev.exeAdded by the RBOT-QY WORM!
XSygate Personal Portcrss.exeAdded by the RBOT-PX WORM!
XSygate Personal Port Blockervolume.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!
XSygate Personal Port Blockerwinupdate.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!
XSygate Personals Firewallsccsrn.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!
XSygates Personal Firewallsygs.exeAdded by the RBOT.XB WORM!
USyGateServicesgserv95.exeSyGate is a useful little program that lets you share an internet connection over an intranet. Is it needed - it saves a lot of headache to just let SyGate load at startup. Available via Start -> Programs
XSymantecccapp.exeAdded by the REATLE WORM! Note - this is not a Symantec file
XSymantec Active-Sync DBsymdbsv.exeAdded by the AUTORUN-YN WORM!
XSymantec Anti Virussymantec32.exeAdded by a variant of the WOOTBOT WORM!
XSymantec AntivirusSPY_NET_RAT.exeAdded by a variant of the AGENT-LRO TROJAN! See here
XSymantec Antivirus professionaldfrgfrat.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionalautoformat.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionaldyndns.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionalf0dns.exeAdded by the FORBOT-GT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionalflushdns.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionalfor.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionalregedit.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM! Note - this is not the valid Windows registry editor which resides in %Windir% and will not normally figure in Msconfig/Startup! This version resides in %System%
XSymantec Antivirus professionalSymantex.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionalwindows .exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionalWinhp32.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Antivirus professionalwinudp.exeAdded by a variant of the WOOTBOT WORM! See here
XSymantec Antivirus professionalxplrer.exeAdded by a variant of the FORBOT WORM!
XSymantec Autoscan[random filename]Added by the RBOT-AJO WORM!
YSymantec Backup Exec Desktop AgentDLOClientu.exePart of Symantec's Backup Exec backup software
XSymantec Client Securitysymclient.exeAdded by a variant of the IRCBOT BACKDOOR! See here
XSymantec Configuration LoaderccApp32.exeAdded by the AGOBOT-EE WORM!
YSymantec Core LCsymlcsvc.exeCommon process for older versions of Symantec's products including Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus, Norton Ghost and the now discontinued Norton Personal Firewall and Norton SystemWorks suite. The exact purpose is unknown at present. Loads via a registry "Run" key in 98/Me and as a service in XP
XSymantec Debug Clientsymdebugs.exeAdded by the IRCBOT-ACM TROJAN!
NSymantec Fax Starter Edition PortOLFSNT40.EXEOffers a virtual printer as a fax machine. Can be run via a desktop shortcut
YSymantec NetBackup Desktop AgentDLOClientu.exePart of Symantec's NetBackup backup software
YSymantec NetDriver MonitorSNDMon.exePart of Symantec's LiveUpate for older versions of Symantec's security products including Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus and the now discontinued Norton SystemWorks suite. Leave alone to ensure virus definitions are updated. Also, if SNDMon is disabled on one of the computers on a small office network then other computers disappear from the network for this computer, including shared devices like printers and scanners

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